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Why Outsource:

You really have two choices. Do it yourself or outsource. The main reason companies outsource their transportation requirements to Manitoulin Warehousing and Distribution is because they want to concentrate on what they do best. As customers demand more efficiencies, it’s harder to justify the full cost of all the sophisticated services required in today’s competitive markets. Taking advantage of Manitoulin Warehousing and Distribution’s full range of logistics services allows you to maintain transportation efficiencies while meeting the needs of your customers. Manitoulin Warehousing and Distribution can provide third-party transportation services between Canada and the United States at very attractive transportation freight rates.

As a licenced intermediary, our services can include:

  • Carrier qualification and selection.
  • Dangerous goods compliance audit/training.
  • Mode selection – price and/or service variable.
  • Load brokering – LTL and truckload.
  • Routing selection – price and/or service variable.
  • Tracing and/or expediting service.
  • Pre and Post-payment freight audit.
  • Single, all-inclusive invoicing.

Carrier vendors must meet and adhere to our stringent compliance program for insurance, worker’s compensation and safety. Carriers are continuously monitored for on-time delivery, prompt claims settlement and accurate invoicing.

Our clients can concentrate on their core business activity with the assurance MANITOULIN WAREHOUSING AND DISTRIBUTION will provide a fully integrated, quality-driven service package.

We take seriously our responsibility to you, our client, and your customers, to provide quality service in response to your ever-changing needs.

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